Titanfall Expedition DLC Screenshots

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Respawn Entertainment released several screenshots of a particular map from the Titanfall Expedition DLC, War Games. You can read the details in their entirety on the Titanfall website’s latest blog post.To highlight on the details, it’s worth saying that the War Games map takes place in a virtual reality setting.


GRID Autosport Reveal

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Today Codemasters announced its third installment in the GRID series – Autosport.

While still patching GRID 2, Codemasters is taking feedback from its fans. “On release of GRID 2, I think it’s fair to say that through listening to you guys and a after a substantial amount of reflection, we hadn’t quite achieved everything we set out to do,” said Ben Walke, Codemasters’ community manager.

Dragon Age Inquisition Release Date & Dragon Combat

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BioWare‘s producer, Cameron Lee, posted the release date for Dragon Age Inquisition and a new trailer on Twitter today, putting the game’s date of release at October 7 of this year.


Along with this wonderful news, Lee chatted with IGN about the improvements in dragon combat in the game. Say it’s a copy-and-paste from what ever past monster-slayer game you want, but fans of the Dragon Age series will be happy to know that these improvements involve targeting individual limbs and weaknesses, rather than attacking the beast as a whole like in previous Dragon Age games. BioWare has said since last year that they’re taking a more tactical approach – taking the positive feedback from fans of Dragon Age Origins. This change of pace in dragon combat seems to fall right into place with the other improvements.