Wonderful Followers, I Am Moving

Many of you have followed me from day one – July of 2013. You’ve been with me since the days I reminisced about older games and talked about getting goosebumps from playing Battlefield 3. My newer followers mainly know me as the columnist who plays iPhone games and gives (questionable) news now and then.

No matter when you started following me and reading my material, I thank each and every one of you for your support. My analytics haven’t been fantastic, but they’ve been better than I had hoped for as a lowly gaming blogger.

Most of you may have noticed that I provide links to a site called Gamers Sphere as of late. Last fall, before the holidays if I remember correctly, I was contacted by an incredible and dedicated writer who’s site used to be JohnHeatz.com (it is no longer a thing; you will be redirected to Gamers Sphere if you use that URL). John invited me to contribute to his site, and I gladly accepted. One thing led to another, our team grew, and Gamers Sphere was born this January.

Gamers Sphere is an up-and-coming gaming website that provides news, reviews, editorials, walkthroughs and a weekly podcast. We have an impressive team of 18 people, each with their own specialties.

I write this post to – first- thank you for your support thus far, but to also inform you all that there will come a time when I no longer post to this page. Gamers Sphere will become my default and permanent website. I will keep posting here on WordPress for a little longer, but I want to invite you to become regular visitors of Gamers Sphere.

I don’t know how many more posts I will provide here on WordPress, but they will all come from Gamers Sphere. I’d like you all to get used to going there instead.

Thanks again for all of your support, all of us at Gamers Sphere appreciate it!

As always, thanks for reading. Play hard.


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