Reflection: Top Posts of 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve! And what a crazy year it’s been. There have been a lot of changes and hardships and triumphs to endure and savor. This year has been one of the most crucial in my young adult life. In a matter of months I’ve managed to change my school and career plans and take the first steps towards my dreams.

This post contains 5 of what I think are the most important posts thus far as the year comes to an end. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
This post – my very first – is what started it all. I had dreams of writing entertainment news for a while, but this is when I finally decided to go for it. It shows the informality of my early “work” with my attempt at committing to a metaphoric theme and personal tone. Sentimentally, it reminds me of when I took the leap of faith. Critically, it reminds me of my progression from highly informal to where I am now, which still needs a lot of work, but practice is helping a lot.
This is another of my earliest posts, in which I list a few of my favorite game villains. I was still in the informal, personal stage of mainly writing for my own amusement and dipping my toes in the water. To me, it feels like the first post with any kind of analytical value, and not just expressing vague opinions. It was also one of my most viewed posts at the time. It’s a post that still holds truth, and I hope a few others can relate to it as well.
HackRUN, the hacking simulator. This is one of my favorite posts, and my stats peaked on the day of its publication. I feel like it’s a success because it was something that many people had never seen before. That’s what I loved about writing the article. I had sought out a very underrated game, and shared it in hopes of it reaching people who were hungry for a game of its type. I also believe this is a point in which I first made slight progress towards less informal and immature work. Plus, if anybody who had read the article bought the game, I also managed to contribute to the good of the developer! And that feels pretty nice.
This post is my first ever on JohnHeatz, the launch trailer of Fighter Within. I had finally gotten away from pure personal writing and had made a transition into writing for an actual audience (I had never expected anyone to read much of my work before, as it was mainly for my own amusement and practice). It’s also my very first news article. My work was becoming less of an editorial and more of a news source. Dreams require action in order to come true, and this was my second major step in the right direction.
My speculation of where the next The Elder Scrolls game should take place. This post is by far the most active. I had written it spur of the moment, and I wasn’t sure if it would get much attention. To my surprise, my notifications was blowing up with comments. I had finally accomplished what I’ve always hoped for in a post: Discussion. While the post is purely hypothetical, it was still nice to get feedback and hear the valued opinions of others on a mutually appreciated topic.

I’ve had a blast so far with writing. My accomplishments are nice to look back on, but they also give me more to look forward to as the new year draws closer. I know I’m getting a little better and a little closer to my dreams with every post and every ounce of feedback. Thank you all for the views and support, and have a fantastic New Year.


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