The Elder Scrolls VI – Where should it be?

The Elder Scrolls has come an extremely long way since the revolutionary release of Arena in 1994. The artistic minds at Bethesda Softworks created an amazing, lore-filled world that many of us have come to know and love.

We’ve been taken to many adventures all over Tamriel over the years. We were taken to many provinces in Arena, explored the lands of High Rock in Daggerfall, Vvardenfell in Morrowind, Cyrodiil in Oblivion, and we’ve recently had quite the adventure in Skyrim.

Though The Elder Scrolls Online will be releasing soon, many of us are anxiously awaiting The Elder Scrolls VI. My friends and I often speculate on the location of the next installment. Unless the next Elder Scrolls game will take place all over Tamriel, we’re assuming that Bethesda will stick to their traditional formula of keeping the main quest in one province. I’m also assuming that the next game takes place in Tamriel at all. We may very well get to see Akavir or Pyandonea for the first time.

Any speculation so far has been strictly setting, and that’s what I’d like to stick to for this topic. Instead of focusing on plot, I’d like any discussion to be focused on locations and reasons why.

After doing research on the continent of Tamriel, the place my friends and I have agreed would be the most fun to explore next is Valenwood, home of the Wood Elves or Bosmer. Valenwood is considered a wasteland of dense forests, so many might wonder why this would be anywhere we’d want to be. All I have to say is that it could be argued that Skyrim is also a wasteland of snow, but the game developers brought the land to life and made it an amazing place to explore.

The Wood Elves make their homes in the trees of Valenwood. The best part about these trees is that they move. I feel like Bethesda would be able to get extremely creative in this area of development. It would be so much fun to navigate through a world whose forests are always moving. Whether these trees would move similarly to the Ents in Lord of The Rings, or just “slide” through the soil, I can’t decide. No matter how these trees would move, I can imagine that visiting with the citizens of a city that’s constantly in motion would be quite fun.

I feel like this is also a chance for next gen consoles to show what they’re made of. When I think of this world, I imagine being in the middle of a dense forest, with a few trees “walking” to whatever destination they may have, rays of sunlight beaming through the leaves of the trees. If the player were to make their way to higher ground where the horizon and the tops of the forest is in view, the player could see movement far off in the distance as well as all around them. Much like the mountains in Skyrim, where the player could pick a peak and, in time, make their way to that location, the player in Valenwood would be able to spot a moving tree in the distance and travel to that tree in this constantly streaming world. That is a lot for a console to handle. Skyrim had a huge map and was constant-stream for the most part, but I feel like the moving forests of Valenwood would be much more complex.

For now, this is where I’d like to end my piece. I can elaborate further and even answer any questions if asked. Also, I’d like to know what everyone else thinks about this; what you think of the idea, where you think the best location for the next Elder Scrolls game would be. I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks for reading. Play hard.

2 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls VI – Where should it be?

  1. After TES IV and V took place in “human” provinces, I guess that the next installment will be somewhere else. Valenwood is certainly a good guess, Elsweyr would be another. I’d love to see one of the beastraces play a major role.

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