Clan Wars Starts Today

If you’re a Call of Duty player, then I’m sure you’ve been counting the days until the highly anticipated Clan Wars. Today is the 25th (where I’m at) and CoD is under maintenance. The CoD app wasn’t working for the majority of the morning, and Ghosts barracks wasn’t showing any Clan information at all for a little bit, so I assume this is all linked to Clan Wars being set up. I’m not sure what time today CW will actually be a thing, but I’m hoping it’s some time soon.

We’re expecting CW to be just like League play from Black Ops 2, where you participated in several “placement” matches that were designed to help place you in a division that held players of your skill level. This weekend was placement for CW, so Clan members have been going at it the majority of their free time in order to be placed in the most accurate division possible for their skill level. I’m excited, I know my roommate is excited, and I can’t wait for some really intense Clan Wars.

If you own Call of Duty: Ghosts, will you be participating in Clan Wars? Why or why not? Let me know, because I know we all have different and interesting reasons for gaming. Play hard.


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