Assassin’s Creed Pirates Release Date and Price Revealed

Back in September when Ubisoft announced its HD remake of Liberation, they also excitedly announced the mobile game, Assassin’s Creed Pirates. Pirates will be coming to iOS and Android on December 5th for a good $4.99.

Pirates, obviously, focuses on brutal naval combat. Players will be able to manage their crew and upgrade their ship in a detailed upgrading system. Also, there will be plenty of massive real-time naval battles to engage in. Playing as Captain Alonzo Batilla, the player will explore the open ocean in search for riches and notoriety in the game’s large map. And while the game is not connected to Black Flag storywise, the player will run into Assassins and Templars at times, and also meet famous pirates such as Hornigold and Blackbeard.

Ubisoft Paris, the developer of AC Pirates, promises the game to be absolutely stunning with cutting-edge 3D visuals. Ubisoft Paris says that they have built a new 3D engine for tablets and smartphones that will allow for “breathtaking moving waters, lush islands, and gorgeous graphics.” Assassin’s Creed Pirates looks promising so far, and as both an Assassin’s Creed and a pirate fan, I’m excited to get my hands on the game next week.

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