Preparing for The Life

Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite game series. Ever since I fell in love with the first game, I’ve only gotten more and more impressed with the series. AC3 wasn’t my favorite – slowly-paced story, clunky climbing mechanics, and uninteresting protagonist – but I still appreciate it due to some new elements that were added and its little twist on the Revolution. The writers of the series somehow manage to perfectly capture the cultures of the settings that each game is in. Every game has had excellent vernacular and voice acting, along with the overall tone of each setting and time period in general. There are too many amazing elements to put into words, so I’ll just leave what I have and hope that you understand how much I love the world of Assassin’s Creed based on what I’ve said.

I do find it funny that the sole reason Ubisoft went with the pirate setting in Black Flag is because everybody loved the naval warfare in AC3. Some people might criticize Ubisoft for this, but I admire it, actually. I like when developers listen to their audience, and give them what they want.

Pirates are my favorite historical criminals, ranking just above the Yankee mobsters. What boy never dreamed of being a pirate at one point in his life? Way back when we didn’t know that pirates were the most heinous and ferocious criminals in history, anyway. So I’m especially excited to play as a pirate and an Assassin. I even bought myself a flag to express my nerdiness.


Just about nine more hours ’till release, where I’m at. Let’s just say that the campus won’t be seeing much of me this week…

I’ll have my “first impressions” post up as soon as I manage to unglue myself from the game. Until then, thanks for reading. Play hard.


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