The Link Between Violence and Video Games…

…Oh wait, there is none. “Research” shows that the majority of teenagers and preteens who tend to have a stronger violent nature also have been exposed to violent video games. According to “researchers”, the 8-year-old boy who shot and killed his grandmother did so because he was playing a violent video game.

“Scientists” and “researchers” are not asking the right questions. First thing that comes to my mind is; how the Oblivion did the boy get his hands on a gun? Are these young teenagers old enough to separate fantasy and reality? Do some of the older players have some sort of mental issue? That’s not the point of this post, so I won’t wade very far into those waters.

As a member of the gaming community, I stand firm in my belief that video games, when played and monitored responsibly, are not the cause of any magnitude or form of violence. The image featured in this post is also featured in all of my social networking profiles. I love the image and agree with it completely (except for the Wii remote. Those things are concussions waiting to happen.) I think it’s about time us gamers started to defend ourselves and the companies and studios we support. I ask you to pass this image to your friends, link it to your profile(s), and join me in making a stand. As always, thank you for reading. Play hard.


2 thoughts on “The Link Between Violence and Video Games…

  1. If videogames do something about the violence is actually help us keep it out of the real world.

    You’re totally right, that kid shouldn’t have had access to the gun (nor a game that is rated M), but they need to do something to cover their stupidity, so they blame videogames.

    At least for me videogames give me a safe environment where I can unleash all the violence that we can’t unleash in the real life, without any consequences besides the satisfaction of causing chaos around different cities that I’ve never even visited…

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