Far Cry 3 Marathon

I believe certain game genres are meant to be played a certain amount of time each sitting. Action, fighting, and beat-em-up games can all be played for a long time each sitting. This is because they normally have lots of replayability or can just be that quick-fix game to play while you’re waiting on that next large-hype game to come out. In my opinion, an RPG or stealth-based game doesn’t have the right affect if you pull a marathon. RPG games have so much content that doing it all at once brings the experience down, and stealth games start to seem repetitive and even boring when played for too long at one time.

This weekend, I broke my little rule. I finally got my hands on Far Cry 3 last Thursday, and I had the story completed on Sunday afternoon. The game was fantastic, but it lost some of its – for lack of better words – first play-through impact. I rushed through the story so fast that I didn’t make time to really appreciate the gorgeous island and do all of the side quests in between main missions like an RPG is meant to be played.

No, focusing on the story didn’t take away from the game or make it any less great. It’s an amazing game. I’m all about first time experience when it comes to playing a game; The moments that take your breath away, and the secrets and interesting encounters that other players may not have when they play the same game. To me, those are what make video games so great. I overlooked all of it this weekend. Next time I play the game, I will have different experiences and I will still love the island and all it has to offer, but it won’t be as fresh. That’s my only regret.

To anyone who loves games as much as I do, I have a little advice. Don’t finish an RPG in a weekend. Luckily, I have Blacklist to play, or else I’d have no clue what to do with my life.


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