Absolution – First Impressions

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Hitman series. When it comes to game celebrities in the stealth genre, Agent 47 comes to mind long before Sam Fisher does.

Ever since I completed Blood Money, I’ve been anxiously awaiting a sequel. I knew a sequel was possible, given the plot and the bonus ending in BM. Although I was hoping for a sequel, I was still shocked last November when Absolution was released. I couldn’t believe IO Interactive had actually continued 47’s story. So, being a Hitman fanboy, I obviously couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

I finally did last night, and I have been playing it like there’s no tomorrow.

As always, Square Enix did not fail to impress with their graphics. The sound design in Absolution is phenomenal. Entering and exiting loud rooms has never felt more real. Though we all enjoy good graphics and sound, gameplay and story are what make a good action game.

From what I’ve played so far, Absolution’s story is very interesting. Agent 47 allows us to see some emotion – even comes close to smiling at one point. We are finally able to see a personal conflict raging in him.  Victoria, a girl that 47 is trying to protect, is a character that I actually care about. And there are a few other very interesting characters that I look forward to seeing more of.

While Absolution has the most engaging story in the Hitman series, it also has the most fun gameplay. It’s the first in the series to actually encourage fire fights and offer cover-to-cover mechanics. Stealth and infiltration mechanics have been greatly improved as well since the player has been given throwable objects for distractions and silent weapons. The Instinct and Point Shooting are also amazing additions.

The disguise mechanic, however, is a little faulty now. Before, the player was able to infiltrate an area with no problem if they were wearing the proper disguise. Now, it seems like the cops know every single other cop in the city. If you decide to wear a disguise, the AI will see right through it unless you’re just about as stealthy as you would be while wearing your suit. It can be very frustrating, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

Another complaint most people had was that the player can no longer choose his weapons and gadgets before each mission. I think this decision is great. It makes sense with the story, since 47 has gone rogue, and it throws the player into a mindset of desperately using what is at hand in each level.

I’ve only made it into Part 2 of the game. I’m not sure how many segments there are, but I’m assuming the game is a good length. It’s also got plenty of replayability working in its favor. Just like in the older games, there are many ways to complete an assassination, but Absolution gives the player challenges to complete, and many of the challenges can only be completed by assassinating a target in certain ways. I’ve done things my way so far, but I’ll definitely go back and attempt the different assassinations.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Hitman: Absolution. I’m excited to finish the story and complete all of the challenges. Once I do, or come as close as I care to, I’ll share my thoughts. For now, take care, and thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Absolution – First Impressions

  1. Nice article! The game itself can be finished in roughly 20 hours (1 full walkthrough) as I did over Steam, and now I’m playing it on my PS3.

    I love the disguise part to be honest, it makes you think carefully, plus…(if you didn’t know) there is one “super disguise” on every single part, that all you do is get and you won’t be detected by anyone (it normally is taken from a person that appears on the chapter, which is the only one of its kind) but there’s also disguises of this kind that are simply thrown in the environment…somewhere 😛

    I’m glad I am not the only one that loves this game, as most Hitman’s Diehard fans hate this release…

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