Gaming Experience Milestone

20130808-164829.jpgLast night, as I was playing Battlefield 3 for the first time, something happened that I’ve never experienced while playing a video game before. I felt goosebumps crawling all up and down my arms.

I’m quite sure that most people have gotten goosebumps while listening to music before. It happens to me all the time. There’s hardly any other feeling like those prickly chills running down your neck and arms while listening to an amazing song. But until last night, no game has ever given me that same feeling.

20130808-144849.jpgI believe it’s the third mission in BF3; the first flight mission (if there is more than one). I dreamed of being a jet pilot for the military as a child. Launching from a runway at 172mph in an instant has always seemed so intense and exciting. The game did a great job of making me feel like I was really in the cockpit. I was also wearing my headset, so my imagination was going into overdrive.

The sound design in Battlefield is spectacular. All the voices in the radio and the jet engines whiring and warming up for takeoff… Ahh, that’s where the goosebumps came in. My heart literally started to beat harder when the jet was about to take off.

It’s moments like that that make me love video games. I doubt this’ll ever happen again, but a man can hope, right?


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