… Now We’re Here

20130807-104105.jpgI have always been quite behind in the world of technology and consoles. I didn’t upgrade from the N64 until the Playstation 2 had been out for three years – I think it was three years. And I’ve had my PS2 for as long as I can remember. I’d say maybe eight years or so. That’s a long time to get tired of a console.

I never asked for an Xbox in the past. It was mainly because the Xbox and the 360 were multiplayer consoles. There was definitely going to be no multiplayer for me because up until a couple of years ago, our only Internet connection was dial-up. My only multiplayer experience was a very laggy few years of Runescape.

But I’m in college now, and Internet is plentiful and fast. The Xbox One is coming out this year. I figured I’d take advantage of this opportunity, and buy a cheap Xbox360. I knew that lots of people would be saving up for either the One or the Playstation 4, so thanks to a very awkward and nerve-racking Craigslist meeting, I managed to find myself a wonderful deal on a 360.

I’ve finally moved up in the world! After having my first amazing multiplayer experience in college on my roommate’s 360, I swear I started having dreams of owning one. It might sound sad, but aside from my car, this is the most fulfilling purchase I’ve ever made.

You may be wondering why the hell I bought a 360 when the PS4 and the One are coming out in a couple of months. It’s simple… No backwards compatibility. If I bought a One, I’d be missing out on so many wonderful 360 games. Besides, few next generation games will still be made for the 360. So a few years down the road, when everybody stops playing Ghosts and BlackOps 2, I might have to buy a One if I want to stay in the competitive gaming world.

So, players, my gamertag is Ibanez7S if you want to play sometime. I’ll be changing it to LiftedRetina soon, I’m not sure if that’ll affect your searching for me. Anyway, whatever. Once again, thank you for reading. I’ll have something nice and long for y’all in the next couple of days.


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