My Top 3 Favorite Villains In Video Games

I’ve played a few amazing games here lately that really got me thinking about games that had amazing villains. I love a game with great voice acting and character development, especially when I find myself wanting to see more of the villains in the story. So here are my top three favorite villains.

#3 – Lord Seymour from Final Fantasy X

Every aspect of FFX had me glued to the screen in awe, but Seymour’s performance really stood out to me. He was one of those guys who was a straight up jerk, but I loved him for it. Reminds me a lot of Tony Stark. Seymour had some crazy plan to destroy the world in order to save it from itself, and at first glance, the entire idea seemed outrageously horrible. But the more he explains himself, the more his plan starts to make sense. And that’s why I found myself hating him – not for his evil, but for his brilliance. His voice actor also fit the part extremely well; giving him a calm, almost peaceful aura, that contrasted with his wickedness.

#2 – Vaas from FarCry 3

I’ve only played FarCry 3 very recently, like literally five hours ago, but I’d have to say that it’s one of the most beautiful games I’ve played in a while. And Vaas, the psychopathic drug/human trafficker and dictator of the island your character is stranded on, is an amazing character that manages to set the tone for the entire island. While the island can be breathtaking, there’s always that reminder in the recesses of your mind that Vaas is hunting you, and there is no predicting what he might do once he catches you. Vaas has wonderful moments in the game where he spills his heart in a beautiful monologue, then flips some kind of mood switch and goes berserk, cursing and yelling at the top of his lungs and threatening to blow your brains out. Once again, the voice actor deserves massive praise for this role.

#1 – The Joker from the Batman: Arkham games

I never had a chance to play Arkham Asylum, but I had to give credit to The Joker for both games since it’s the same character. Batman: Arkham City was the game that changed my life. I fell in love with video games because of this awesome work of art. The Joker’s performance in Arkham City is just absolutely phenomenal. I always wanted more! I played through the game wondering and hoping that I would encounter Joker again soon. The voice actor grasped the character perfectly, and put on what I believe to be an unrivaled show. The voice acting was just.. perfect. His incredible performance left me a little down when I finished the game, knowing that that’s all I would get. But it doesn’t matter. I played through the game a second time recently, and Joker had the same impact he did during my first play through. Insane, brilliant, disgusting, and charming. This interpretation of The Joker is definitely my favorite.

Now this has got me thinking: what are my top three favorite protagonists in video games…?

Sign In with me next time to find out.


3 thoughts on “My Top 3 Favorite Villains In Video Games

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