Gaming Lounge Lock In

I found this pretty incredible gaming lounge about 30 minutes away from where I live. I mean they’ve got an incredible set up – Huge TV’s, Xbox 360’s, a ton of games in stock, and really nice theater seats. They just so happen to be hosting a lock in tomorrow night, soooo I couldn’t pass up the chance to play Duty and Farcry 3 for eight hours straight. I’m already sleep deprived enough, though. I hope this doesn’t completely screw my clock up.

Even if it does, it’ll be so worth it! I don’t own an Xbox (yet) so I’m extremely stoked about being able to play one all night. If I can, I’ll get some pictures of the place and write a little about it.

As always, thanks for Signing In with me today. I’ll most likely be Offline until Saturday, but I’ll definitely have something special for you. Or I’ll attempt to make it special. Well, if it’s special to me, that’s good enough.

Have a great Friday tomorrow \m/

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