Crying Over Spilled…Horse?


I absolutely LOVE Shadow of The Colossus. I’d have to say it’s my favorite adventure game. What does the fact that I cried a little when the protagonist’s horse fell into the river say about me? That I’m a wimp.

What does it say about the game? That the developers did an excellent job establishing a subtle relationship between the protagonist and his horse. They’re the only living human/animals in the game, save for an owl and a few lizards. So the characters had to be interesting, so that the player wouldn’t get bored with the routine of the game. Although the two never actually exchange conversation, a loving relationship is built on top of loyalty, assistance, and the fact that there’s no Fast Travel, so the player would be miserable without the horse.

I have no clue why I got so attached to that horse. I replayed the game recently, and I could only think of a few possible reasons as I watched this scene for the 8th time. You’re with that horse SO much! Seriously, you’re on the horse’s back for 4 hours in between bosses. You rely on the horse a ton, and anyone with a decent amount of empathy and imagination could feel sorry for the protagonist. My first play through, I felt a tremendous desire for revenge, and the brutal stabbing and desperate fur clutching fed that desire when I faced the final boss.

This is the only game I’ve ever shed a tear while playing. Except for Mario Kart 64… But I was 5, and the blue rock dude things in Bowser’s castle scared the crap out of me.

So I’m gonna Sign Out and start over on this game. Gah, it’s just so great.


7 thoughts on “Crying Over Spilled…Horse?

  1. I remember getting misty when old Agro didn’t make the jump. I remember the relief I had when he staggered back to sleeping beauty. It was a good day for all

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