Top 5 Scariest Characters From Non-Horror Games

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As many of you know, the only horror game I have ever played is Outlast, and I’m still pushing through that one.

I nearly messed my pants plenty of times while playing video games as a kid, and this was all before I even knew the horror genre was a thing. Sometimes I would get so scared I wouldn’t play the game for quite a while before coming back to force myself to play for the sake of beating the game. Funny enough, this all happened to me while playing my Nintendo 64.


EA Sports UFC Career Mode – The Ultimate Fighter

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EA Sports is going big with their first ever UFC title (their first UFC game, not an actual Heavyweight title or anything) and the first UFC game of this generation. EA Sports recently announced on their news page a few exciting features that EA Sports UFC will have, along with a trailer that tells you these same details, except you get to watch people beat each other in the Octagon while you listen.